Client Story:  Uyo Digital Marketing

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The Client

Iquo runs a digital marketing agency with a team of copywriters, website developers and graphic artists. Her clients are a network of mompreneurs in varying stages of business growth, from newly-formed to leveling up.

She found herself with so many new clients that she had no time to expand her own website. Websites are my thing, so we were a natural fit. We also bonded over our love of productivity and #gettingstuffddone.




The Challenge

Her niche is established, highly profitable businesses who need both their website content and structure to be optimized for search engines. She notes that people can have mistrust of search engine optimization (SEO) if they’ve paid for it before and it was done wrong.

My first challenge was writing the content on her website pages, which was connected to my second challenge: learning enough about SEO to write intelligently.

Another interesting aspect of this project was that a logo, brand colors and several images had already been created. I ricocheted between feeling grateful that some of the work has already been done, and feeling hemmed in by graphical elements that were not what I would have chosen.

The Solution

Excellent research techniques and interviewing skills came to my rescue. Not to mention, I have a good grasp on the basics because this is my industry, too.

I designed the new website to look clean and modern with a big font and vivid colors to match her logo.

I paid particular attention to the Work With Me and the Discovery pages. They are unique and informative, and website visitors may very well make a purchasing decision based on these two pages alone.


The Reaction

Iquo Inyang | Founder, Uyo Digital Marketing


“Kelly understands color and spacing and placement. There’s a science to this job, and also some art, and I’m not sure that the combination can be taught.”