Client Story:  Refined Hair

screenshot of PAL website page 1

The Client

Shanna Moll and Jeni Rosen are the creative genius and the business manager of Refined Hair. They’ve known each other for 15 years, and the website for their hair replacement salon has two distinguishing features: the heartfelt transformation stories shared by their clients, and the striking before and after images.

As I looked over their site during a recent audit, I read every blog post, every testimonial, and delved into their social media profiles and learned of Shanna;s commitment to continuing education and saw more devoted followers. And it became apparent that…

Shanna and Jeni share a passion of helping people who are experiencing hair loss. Not just giving them wigs or extensions or fancy custom hair systems… helping them. Healing their wounded pride and their battered self-images. Enabling them to be comfortable and happy in their own skin again.

It’s hard work, it’s emotional work. It comes at a cost, but is infinitely worth it. I am happy to be the new webiste manager for this wonderful team.

New Name, New Colors

After auditing the website, and getting everything updated and secure, I updated the colors and heading font to match the updated branding of their social media channels. Then we renamed the site, taking it from Shanna Moll Studios to Refined Hair.

The Reaction

Shanna & Jeni | Refined Hair


I’ll post their reaction here shortly.