Care Plans

Protect Your Investment

A well-designed website should only require updates every year or two. But behind the scenes, you must regularly update the software that powers your site. Outdated software is vulnerable to hackers, spambots, malware and other security risks. And search engines penalize sites that are out of date, meaning that your site will come up lower and lower in search engine results.

A care plan keeps your website secure and protects your business from loss of revenue. It also helps you avoid expensive website repair.

Automated Backups

Software Updates

Malware & Security Scans

Remove Form & Comment Spam

Website Edits and Updates

Manage Email Marketing

Site Speed & Performance

Blog Management

$70 monthly

  • WordPress Hosting on private server
  • Offsite backups
  • Repair broken pages, links and images
  • Update theme, core and plugins
  • Optimize site speed
  • Clean up form & comment spam
  • Generate report of website performance
  • Access to agency-level software license

$200 monthly

  • Add one blog post to your website
  • Add blog post graphics
  • Create graphics for social media sharing
  • Track & report website analytics
  • Deliver report of most popular posts
  • 60 minutes of website updates

$200 monthly

  • Design, write and send email newsletter
  • Maintain email subscriber lists
  • Report on ongoing email campaign performance
  • Deliver report of most popular pages
  • 60 minutes of website updates
  • 20 minutes Zoom strategy check-in


  • Create backup of your site
  • Evaluate UI/UX (user interface/overall user experience
  • Create speed and performance benchmarks
  • Clean up form & comment spam
  • Optimize site speed and performance
  • Generate report of website traffic & time spent on site
  • Generate SEO report
  • Repair broken pages, links and images
  • Repair broken plugins, forms, integrations and subscriptions
  • Update theme, core and plugins

Do you need a quarterly plan, or more frequent backups? Let’s create a solution that fits you perfectly.

No plan? No problem.

I support your pioneer spirit! Clients who opt-out of a care plan for their website are welcome to DIY. After launch, I’ll give you an owner’s manual. It will include your login credentials, a task list and a routine maintenance schedule. I’ll provide you with a list of the software licenses you’ll need to keep up-to-date and some quick troubleshooting tips.

If you hit a snag later on, I’m happy to help out with my Audit & Update package.

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Ready to start a website care plan?

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